Welcome to the Waldo Civil Defense Association!

The Waldo Civil Defense Association or WCDA is a new local educational non-profit organization created to support those Waldo County residents who are interested in and believe in the concept of taking personal responsibility for ensuring they and their family are prepared for disasters. Another way of describing WCDA — a community educational network for Preppers.

Those who started this organization are not necessary “experts” in all disaster preparedness activities. It is hoped that Preppers who are experts in various preparedness skills and knowledge will volunteer to share their knowledge and skills by providing instruction and demonstrations in those preparedness skills and processes.

Why did we use “Civil Defense” in the Association name? Two reasons. First, people are familiar with the term Civil Defense and have a basic understanding of its purpose. Second, Civil Defense was always a self-help preparedness program. The Civil Defense programs existed to instruct the American Citizens in what “THEY” needed to do in an emergency. The main focus of Civil Defense in the 1950s to 1970s was preparing for an enemy Nuclear Attack. Today, we need to prepare for many types of hazards and threats from floods, winter storms, hurricanes, power outages, solar storms, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks and terrorist attacks. And yes, Nuclear Attacks.

The Waldo Civil Defense Association is affiliated with the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency, a department under the County of Waldo, Maine. Please feel free to visit all pages under this Website, provide comments, and ask questions.

Email us at: waldocivildefense@gmail.com

Visit Waldo County Emergency Management Agency at: https://www.waldocountyme.gov/ema/