About Us

The Waldo Civil Defense Association is all about You and Your Family’s survival and recovery following a major disaster. This Association is an educational network for Preppers.

WCDA Brochure

Association Purpose: To establish a local network of County residents that will work together to better prepare themselves, their families, friends and neighbors for disasters. These residents will share knowledge, skills and resources to help prepare one another for disasters.


  • Create a coalition of residents who can be contacted for activities.
  • Schedule opportunities to meet to coordinate preparedness activities.
  • Provide Preparedness Education opportunities to the public.
  • Share preparedness knowledge, skills and resources.

What is Civil Defense?

In the face of adversity caused by natural and man-made disasters, Americans act with courage, compassion, and unity. Civil Defense is a grassroots self-help movement that taps this collaborative spirit by engaging the whole community at the local level to strengthen individual, organizational, and community preparedness before tragedy strikes. Civil Defense provides a platform for collaborative community planning and creates opportunities for individuals to volunteer to help their communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. By fostering collaboration among all sectors of the community, residents can participate in making their communities safer, stronger, and more resilient against the threats of disasters of all kinds.

What is the Waldo Civil Defense Association?

The Waldo Civil Defense Association (WCDA) is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt educational non-profit that provides the residents of the County of Waldo with an opportunity to network preparedness activities and resources. This Association was created to bring together people interested in “Being Prepared” for emergencies and disasters; people otherwise known as “Preppers”.

The WCDA is a community auxiliary affiliated with the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency (EMA), a Unit of Your Civil Defense, organized and authorized by the County of Waldo.

Waldo County Emergency Management Agency: A Unit of Your Civil Defense